Volvo Penta Chemicals

**All oil and other liquids must be shipped ground due to FAA regulations. Motor freight charges will apply to drum orders. Call for a quote (877) 621-2628.**

Engine Oils

Gasoline Engine Oil

For use in all Volvo Penta inboard/outboard marine gasoline engines with and without a catalytic converter. This conventional motor oil is recommended for 100 hour service intervals.

Viscosity: SAE 10W-30

Grade: API SM

Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil

SAE 30 Synthetic Engine Oil (SAE 10W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil) Volvo Penta has discontinued the straight 30 weight oil and now recommends SAE 10W-40 synthetic. Volvo Penta states that the straight 30 weight oil and the new 10W-40 multi-grade can be used together with no issues. For gas engines newer than 2002.

Viscosity: SAE 10W-40

Grade: API SJ, ACEA A3/B3

VDS-4 (15W 40) Diesel Engine Oil

VDS-4 covers even more stringent requirements on piston cleanliness than VDS-3. The high quality of VDS-3 allows in certain cases an increase in drain intervals.

Viscosity: SAE 15W-40

Grade: VDS-4, API C1-4, ACEA E5

Transmission Oil

Transmission Oil

Protects drives and transmissions and provides excellent corrosion protection. Withstands high temperatures without breaking down. This product was developed for earlymodel single and DuoProp sterndrives, including: 280DP, 290DP, 290SP, SP-A, SP-A1, DP-A and DPA-1.

Viscosity: SAE 80W-90

Grade: API GL-5

Synthetic Transmission Oil

A fully synthetic oil of the highest quality for drives and transmissions. Specially tested by Volvo Penta in drives and transmissions. Because the oil is synthetic, it provides excellent protection against wear at both high and low extremes of temperature. It also withstands very high temperatures without breaking down, and can tolerate high loads without wear.

Viscosity: SAE 75W-90, SAE 75W-140

Grade: API GL-5

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oil

Protects against wear at high and low temperatures. Also provides excellent corrosion protection. Particularly suitable for marine use. Does not affect seal materials.

Viscosity: ISO VG 15

Compressor Oil

Specially tested in Volvo Penta compressors. Fully synthetic oil that withstands both high and low temperatures. Protects compressor against corrosion.

Viscosity: ISO VG 68


Propeller Shaft Grease

Propeller shaft grease is used for conventional packing boxes.

Viscosity: NLGI 3


Special grease for marine environments. Lubricates, seals, and protects against corrosion. Solid and water-resistant, for use in rubber packing boxes and for the teeth and shafts of folding propellers.

Viscosity: NLGI 2

Low Temperature Grease

A special grease recommended for low temperatures and loads. This grease is especially suitable for use on controls, hinges, lock parts, and electrical contacts, switches, etc.

Viscosity: NLGI 1

Ethanol Treatments

Genuine Volvo Penta Ethanol Fuel Treatment

Sealants & Adhesives

Liquid Sealing Agent - Master Gasket



Coolant - Concentrate

Yellow and green coolants may not be mixed.

Heavy Duty Coolant - Ready Mixed

An ethylene glycol based antifreeze containing inhibitors from freezing, overheating, rust, and corrosion when used as recommended. Protects all cooling system metal surfaces including aluminum.Will not damage finishes or rubber. You do not need to add water to the ready-mixed coolant. Shipping weight: 9.8 lbs per gallon. Protects down to -25° C. Yellow and green coolants may not be mixed.

Coolant System Cleaner

High engine temperature can be caused by build-up of deposits in the cooling system and can occur after long running times or use of mineral rich watetr. When this occurs, the cooling system must be cleaned. This cleaner is a citric acid-based solvent with the addition of a neutralizer. For green coolant only.


Corrosion Shield

Penetrates to the corrosion cells to stop corrosive effects. Leaves protective film layer. Repellant to salt spray residue.

Power Trim & Tilt Fluid

Formulated to provide the viscosity necessary to ensure peak power trim pump performance and longevity. All temperature use.

Locking Fluid

Protection fluid for screws and nuts. Permits removal in the normal manner. The protection fluid is effective on lightly oiled surfaces as well as preventing corrosion, leakage, and vibration.

Electric Oil Drain Pump

An electric oil drain pump makes essential oil changes considerably easier. The pump is permanently installed, thus eliminating the dirt and inconvenience of manually draining the sump. The pump is self-priming and suitable for flushing as well as as a bilge pump. !!!Note!!! Do NOT use the pump for pumping paraffin or petrol.

Bilge Oil Boom

The Bilge Oil Boom is ideal for keeping your bilge safe and clean. Simply drop of anchor in the bilge and the Bilge Oil Boom will efficiently absorb waste oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid. Does not absorb water and will stay afloat even when soaked with oil. Absorbs up to 4.5 liters. Boom is 380 x 130mm. 100% polypropylene absorbent surrounded by spunbond, polyproylene sock and nylon netting.

Oil & Water Sorbent Pads

The Oil & Water Sorbent Pads can be used for all engine and drive-related spills and leaks. Absorbs petroleum products, cooling liquid, water, etc. You can even use it to wipe off the bilge after the work is done. Absorbs up the .7 liters per pad. 400 x 500 x 4.7mm. Sold in a roll of four pads. Made from recycled polypropylene.


Protects against wear, even at high temperatures. Also provides a very good corrosion protection. !!!Must NOT be used where API-GL5 is recommended!!! ATF-Oil, type Dexron III. Saildrives, S-Drives. For 130S-A, 130S-B, 130SR-A, 130SR-B, 150S-A, 150S-B, 150SR-A and 150SR-B, Volvo Penta recommends changing from ATF engine oil to SAE 15W-40 at the next oil change. (Effective May 2011)

Oil Fill Adapter (Tool)

Oil fill adapter for filling SX/DPS drives.


Duraplus spray and brush enamels are specially formualted to withstand high engine temperatures and to duplicate the original factory colors of Volvo Penta engines and drives. While helping to maintain the original appearance, these paints are intended to provide additional protection against rust and corrosion, extending the life of marine engines and drives. Duraplus spray enamels are environmentally friendly aerosol products, containing no chloroflouro carbons (CFCs). Used in combination with the Duraplus spray enamel metal primer, the products deliver smooth, dust-free finishes that dry quickly.

Touch Up Paint (Engine)

ColorPart NumberPack
Green1141566Spray Can
Green (Bright)226183411 Liter Can
Matte Green226183441 Liter Can
Red827501Spray Can
Red226183461 Liter Can
White3810283Spray Can
White226183021 Liter Can
Dark Grey3851221Spray Can
Red3810286Spray Can
Off-White3810281Spray Can
Red38102851 Quart Can
Charcoal, JV Engine3851221Spray Can

Touch Up Paint (Drive)

ColorPart NumberPack
Blue-Gray1141567Spray Can
Gray1141575Spray Can
White1141560Spray Can
Black1141568Spray Can
Clear Varnish827502Spray Can
Metallic Silver, SX3851219Spray Can
Grey DPX, DPE3851220Spray Can
Silver, DPH889968Spray Can

Primer (Drive)

ColorPart NumberPack
Blue-Gray1141562Spray Can


  • To see how much oil Volvo Penta recommends for your drive,Click Here
  • For a list of Volvo Penta Chemical Products and their Aftermarket Equivalents,Click Here

  • Marine Parts Express recommends that customers with older gas engines and outdrives NOT use the synthetic oil in the engines or drives because of overheating issues.

  • If you have been using synthetic oil with no problems, then we recommend you continue to do so and not switch back.

  • If your drive manual recommends a 75-90 weight non-synthetic we recommend using NAPA's 75210.

  • As Volvo Penta no longer has a non-synthetic 30 weight, we recommend purchasing a high quality 30 weight oil or equivalent.

  • We recommend an aftermarket Valvoline (NAPA) oil part number 75110 which is a Non-synthetic detergent 30 weight oil. (Replaces VDS-3 and 3855838, 1141690, 1141691, and 1141693)

Reverse Gears

MS2L-E, MS2A-EFully synthetic API GL5 1141679
MS10, MS15, MS25SAE 15W-40 (engine oil)
MS4, MS5Fully synthetic API GL5 1141679
PRMSame as for engine
MPMSAE 30, (Single grade oil)
HS25A, HS45A, HS63A/IV, HS80A/IV, HS85A/IV, ZF63, ZF45-1ATF (Dextron II, III)
HS1Same as for engine

Saildrives, S-Drives

For 130S-A, 130S-B, 130SR-A, 130SR-B, 150S-A, 150S-B, 150SR-A and 150SR-B, Volvo Penta recommends changing from ATF engine oil to SAE 15W-40 at the next oil change. (Effective May 2011)

Water Jets

PJX, PJX-C1 use fully synthetic API GL5 1141679

K25, K28, K32, K36 use the same oil as the engine.