Volvo Penta Freshwater Cooling Kits

Or parts needed to modify a sea-water (raw water) cooled engine to a heat exchanged (fresh water) based system.

Some engines use different kits depending on a serial number break.

Please specify your serial number when you order and we will make sure you get the right kit.

For quick and easy searching, press CTRL-F and enter in a keyword (e.g., 4.3), the results will highlight on the page.

EnginePart Numbers (QTY 1 UNLESS NOTED)
2002, 2003

859388 (Expired Part)

430/ 431B, 432, 434A855641

857437 (Expired Part)

857367 (Expired Part)


and (2) of: 940115

(Model Years 1999-2005)

4.3Gi (EF), 4.3GL-A, 4.3GXi-A, B, BF, 5.0Gi, GSi, 5.0GL, A, B, 5.0GXi, A, B, BF, 5.7Gi, GSi (EF), 5.7GXi (EF), 5.7GL - A, B, 5.7Gi - A, B, BF, 5.7GXi - B, C, CF,

3851539 (Expired Part)

4.3Gi (G, H) 4.3GL-G, H 4.3GXi-G, H 5.0Gi, GSi-G, H 5.7Gi, GSi (GH) 5.7GXi (GH) 5.0GL-G, H 5.0GXi, G, H 5.7GL - G, H 5.7Gi - G, H 5.7GXi - G, H

3842762 or 3842761

(Order only one)

Please specify your serial number when you order and we will make sure you get the right kit.

5.0FL, Fi, 5.8FL, Fi

3851789 (Expired Part)

(increases engine length by 50mm)

5.0 GL, Gi (BY) 5.7 GL, Gi, GSi, (HU, BY)

3857596 (Expired Part)

7.4Gi (HU, NC, LK) 7.4Gsi (HU, NC, LK, BY, WT) DPX385 DPX415 (NC, LK, BY, WT, EF)

3851839 (Expired Part)

(increases engine length 15mm)

7.4GL, 8.2GL (HU)3851540

(increases engine length 15mm)


856480 (Expired Part)

(Model Years 2003 - 2005)

8.1Gi, (B, BF), 8.1GXi (A, AF)

3860972 (Expired Part)


840602 (Expired Part)

Older V6/V8 engines855641
EnginePart Numbers (QTY 1 UNLESS NOTED)
4.3GL, GS, Gi (HU, BY)3857595
4.3GL, GS, Gi (LK, NC) 5.7GL, Gi (LK, NC)

3851539 (Expired Part)

4.3GL, GS ` 5.0 GL, GS 5.7GL, GS (WT, EF) 4.3GL (EF) 5.0GL (EF) 4.3Gi 5.0Gi, GSi 5.7Gi, GSi (WT) 4.3GL-A 5.0GL-A, B 5.7GL-A, B`

3589848 (Expired Part)

(Model Years 2006 - 2007)

4.3Gxi (EFI) 4.3Gxi (EFI) - J 5.0Gxi (EFI) 5.7 GL (EFI) 5.7 Gi (EFI)

7.4Gi (BY, WT)

3857597 (Expired Part)


855641, 856763 (Expired Part)

(Model Year 2006 - 2007 - sterndrive only)

8.1Gxi, 8.1 Gi

3842763 (Expired Part)

7.4LGi, GSi, 8.2LGSi (EF)3860569
8.1 Inboard

3861440 (Expired Part)


829959 (Expired Part)

(V-Belt groove must be created in the flywheel for models before SN 51376)

MD17C, MD17D

840603 (Expired Part)

(add belt drive 966929 for MD17C only)