TAMD63P-A Fuel Valve Question

2015-03-03 16:34
I need your help again...
This time I am having trouble with a TAMD63P-A.
The port engine will not shut down... It will not shut off using the key switch. I already replaced the key switch figuring that was it for sure but no luck.
Have you heard of this issue before?
Can you help me with a tech that is familiar with the TAMD?
 Thanks in advance for your help.
There is a fuel valve (solenoid) that cuts off the engine and your magnet (solenoid) is
If you have a 12 volt system you need to order a 3828982 ($725)
If you have a 24 volt system then you would need a 3828983 ($675).
These do give up the ghost from time to time.  You might want to put a meter on the wire
and confirm you are getting power to the solenoid, but I bet it is the solenoid.
There is an emergency cut off on your fuel pump by the way.  It is a little handle on the
governor and sometimes it has a cable holding it on and you have to move it against
the cable to cut it off.
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