Volvo Consumer Affairs Question

2015-03-03 19:57
Hi JD,
We have purchased a couple of ECU's for our volvo engine from you.
We are located in Mexico and our local Volvo dealer is letting us down permanently.
Do you have a contact in the US I can get in touch with to get service advice?
I know you are well connected and thought you have a person who might be able to help me instead of just contacting Volvo USA.
Thanks in advance and hope all is well on your side.
I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are having with your Volvo Penta dealer.   The consumer affairs number at Volvo Penta is (757) 436-5100 and it might be worth calling them.
However, you may find out that Volvo Penta may just recommend that you have to talk with your local dealer.  So if you do call VPA make sure you have all the information about the dealer and a clear description of the problems you are having with him.
Make sure you have the serial number of your engines and all the issues you are having.
You might also want to send me a description of the issues you are having before you call them and I will see if I can give you some direction on what questions you should ask.
There are other Volvo Penta dealers in Mexico and you can find the other closest ones by using the Volvo Penta dealer locator on their site.


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