2030A, 2030B, 2030C, 2030D Damper Question

2015-03-03 17:16

No trouble helping with this, but I need to know which 2030 you have?
The 2030As, 2030Bs, 2030Cs and Ds use different adapter housing.
I also need to know which 120S saildrive you have.  Again differences
between 120S-E or 120S-B ect.


Dear J.D.,

thank you for sending the parts information.  Why would I need a different damper for the newer motor, could I use the one from the older motor on the new one?  I am not sure if the newer motor comes with a damper already.  Does the damper have a mating coupling to the sail drive, or is it at the "free end of the motor?

I have not completed the purchase yet so I am not quite ready to place the order.

Depending on which 2030 you have, you may or may not have to change anything. 
The damper is a disc that is bolted to the flywheel.  In the old days it has springs, but
now most have rubber in them.  In the center of the damper is the hole (with spaces for the
saildrive splines) that the shaft from saildrive goes into.  The damper is the connection
between the engine and the drive and it absorbs the initial torque and allows some flexibility
when the engine is running.
Most times you replace the old damper with a new one especially since it is such a pain
to change later.  Also remember that the MD2030 has a different footprint.  This is not an
issue unless your 2003 is installed in one of the premade fiberglass engine bed.  I doubt
that your new engine will have a damper as the damper is specific to what gear or drive
you have connected to the engine.
Just an aside, remember the MD2030s are no longer offered by Volvo Penta new, but almost all
of the parts for the engines are still available.  Back when Volvo Penta sold these engines new,
the price for a bobtail was about $9,500.   The MD2030 is actually a Perkins block that Volvo
Penta played with. 
If you are paying above $5K for this MD2030 you might want to look at new engines or maybe
new engine packages.  What many people do is buy a whole new package like a D1-30 with
a 130 saildrive (around $13K) then sell the old engine and the drive to offset the difference.
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