DP-E Drive Hose Attachment Question

2015-03-03 17:05
Hi JD, it seems clear that the engine ending in 3702 did come with my boat when the fellow I bought it from purchased it new in 2002. The Volvo paperwork he gave me from the original purchase would indicate that, and I'm going to ask him for an original bill of sale also. I spoke to the person whose name is on the Volvo paperwork, he is a charter captain in Alaska and put over 5,000 miles on his engines. He sold the boat in 2008-09 doesn't have any paperwork anymore. It looks like the engines were made on the same day, therefore, I think somebody transposed a number at Volvo. If you would ask him about it I would appreciate it. 
Thanks very much,
JD, do you want me to send you a copy of the paperwork from Volvo before you talk to them? I can get it scanned in and sent to you , or mail you a copy.
You can, but let us wait until Volvo Penta comes back to us.  I don't want to give them
anything that they can point to until they do the investigation.
I am think you are probably correct in your assumption.
JD, do you have the hose attachment that fits over the inlets on the DP-E drives? its V shaped since the intakes are right at the leading edge.
I found this one also.
There are no "mickey mouse"  ears that will work with the DP-E drives.  The Volvo Penta drives do not have an impeller in the foot so unless you really seal the mitts to the drive (with duck tape) you can't get sufficient water flow.  So most times I recommend that you take off the hose from the RW pump and put on a temp. hose whose other end is in a bucket.  It makes it easy to run the engine and do the winterization with non-toxic antifreeze as well.


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