Volvo Universal Joint 3841481 RPL 22197130 Question

2015-03-03 16:31

I already received the package but inform you that the bellows kit is not referred brand Volvo Penta and is not even for the model of the column which is unacceptable because I sent them the elements/references in due time. I'll return as soon as possible.


Hello Sir:
The bellows  you received from us 22197130 is the correct bellows.  These bellows replace 3841481 which was the original number.  Volvo Penta changed the part number about two years ago.  They should be identical.

But  you are welcome to send it back and we will give you a full part refund.  You might want to send it back by mail as it tends to be least expensive.

The part 3841481 which Volvo Penta turns into 22197130 is the bellows for the Universal Joint on a DP-S and the SX Volvo Penta stern drives.  

The exhaust bellows for the DPS and SX-M drive is part number 3850426.

If you can describe your need, I might be able to help identify what you need.

And, my only Portuguese " Bom Dia".  



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