Volvo Expired Seawater Pump Question

2015-03-03 15:52


I am sorry, but the 3587508 seawater pump has gone obsolete .  Volvo Penta no longer offers the pump.

I do have a source for one of these, but the price is higher as the old pirate who has one of these knows they
are no longer available.  It is a day or so away from us.

I do also have a couple good used under the earlier number 828023 ones of these.  The price for one of these is $225.  We guarantee that it is in good condition and that it works, but there is no warranty on used parts.  If you received it and it was not what you expected we would take it back.

You will note on your quote that I also included a 3808056 kit which you may or may not need.  The pump 3587508
requires this kit, but you may have already replaced the pipe in the past.  If you decide to go with the 3587508 you should get this kit and return it if you don't need it.

Thank you.


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