Self-Repairing TAMD40B Injection Pump Question

2015-02-26 19:51

Hello Sir:

You really should not try to repair the tamd 40B injection pump yourself.   If you send it up to me I will send it off to a Bosch shop that we use all the time and they will fix, recalibrate and bench test it.  The cost depends on the condition, but usually it is around $1,500.

To put this pump back in you do need to calibrate it with a dial indicator though.  I can see you one, but you can probably find someone who has one to lend you.  I can supply the shop manual that describes how to put the pump back on.

The other option is to replace your pump (838497).  I do have a good used one which I can sell you as is (see attached) or I could send it off to be rebuilt and add on whatever the pump shop charges me.

And finally if you want to try to repair yourself (I don't advise it though) I can get all the parts you want although they may be Bosch parts instead of Volvo Penta OEM parts.


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