Volvo Engine Fresh Water Flush Kit Question

2015-03-05 19:30

Volvo Penta 1989 5.7 L engine with fuel uses 2 belts on front of engine 

06484 - I know there is an engine fresh water flush kit for this engine as I seen many blogs showing very "volvo-penta type" instructions for the person asking how to flush their engine in and out of the water. My motor did not have such. The schematic looks very simple with a tee inserted into the water intake and a capped off hose with an adapter for connecting fresh water. Can you note the part to add this and cost for the kit so I can look at it on your website. I would need 2 of such.
Thank you.

P.S. I do not want the QL NEUTRA-SALT™ ENGINE FLUSHING KIT but the simple freshwater flush kit.



Hello Sir:
Below is the DIY kit that we have on our web site. Is this what you mean?
J. D. Neeson


Gas Engine Garden Hose Flush Kit Project

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Estimated time, start to finish:
1 hour
What you get:
Flush kit for gas engines, allows you to run your engine while connected to a 3/4" garden hose. Hose connects to the blue cap in the picture. This is a standard feature on recent Volvo Penta gas engines.
Cost of parts:
Parts required(please note there are different parts depending on your engine hose diameter)

While Volvo Penta does not sell this as a kit, we have determined that these are the parts you will need: 3862656 (Cap), 3862082 (Retainer), 3862079 (Gasket), 3807440 (Flushing connection), 978174 (hose clamps, you need two), 982645 (more hose clamps, also quantity two), 3857823 (hose) clamp (3862891) screw (formerly 3853557 but now expired as of 6/1/2011--you will need to supply your own screw #7 in the diagram) and 3862699 (T-pipe for 1" pipe). Just to be clear: don't try to order the expired screw online, the shopping cart will allow you to do it, but then our parts department will call you to tell you it is no longer available.

If you have a 1-1/4 in. engine pipe: then you need a different T-pipe, 3589415 and 2 larger clamps: 3853786.




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