TAMD60C Coupler Options Question

2015-03-05 19:23


The original TAMD60C normally had a Volvo Penta coupler 848602 with a MG502.  These are no longer manufactured by Volvo Penta, but I do have two of them in stock.

While the TAMD60C did not typically use a ZF220A, the TAMD63P (370 HP) did use a ZF220A.  The coupler that Volvo Penta used with the TAMD63P with a ZF220A was the 3826243.  But this coupler is a firmer coupler as the TAMD63P has more horsepower.  I can't tell  you how much firmer and it might not make a difference. Both the TAMD60C and the TAMD63P have the same #2 housing and flywheel bolt patterns.  I have two of these in stock.

The third alternative is an aftermarket coupler made by Lipe.  We have had good luck with these and they are fairly firm (probably closer to the 3826243 than the 848602).  And I have plenty of these in stock.

The fourth option is to go with a PX8756 which is the Twin Disc version.  I don't have these, but can get them within a week. This one is closer to the original coupler 848602 in firmness and is for the lower horsepower (max 250-300 hp).  The cost for these is $385.


Thank you and please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information or would like to place an order.

J.D. Neeson


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