MD2030 Raw Water Pump Question

2015-03-05 19:06

Hello Sir:

Attached is a quote for the R/W pump for your MD2030.

The old number (3580945) has been superceeded to the new more expensive version in the quote.

These MD2030 engines are Perkin's blocks that Volvo Penta used and they are no longer being produced by Perkins so Volvo Penta has gone to the new D1-20, D1-30 and D2-40 engines (which incidentally also start life out as a Perkins engines).

The new pumps came into being from the MD2030B and forward and are what came with the B engines.

The earlier number was originally on the A type engines, but the 3580945s are no longer made as the new number fits the As as well as the B, C and D versions.

So I am afraid that unless you can find someone who has one of these older pumps on their shelves you will have to go with the new pump.

We ship worldwide and have this pump available.

J. D. Neeson



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