Volvo Penta Part Number Suffix Question

2015-03-05 17:40
Dear Sir,
These are also for Volvo Penta. I have a major request for clarification. All my part numbers have a digit after a (Dash - ) but all your quotes are without the dash suffix. Pl explain why,
For eg:
My part numbers will be:
But when I get your offer it will be:
Pl explain why??, hope we are not going wrong,
Then are the items same,
Pl explain.
Kind Regards
Hello Sir:
The suffix numbers (like "-2" in 873195-2) are no longer used by Volvo Penta and haven't
been used for almost ten years.  These "-numbers" used to designate which vendor
that Volvo Penta had contracted to build the part.  Now Volvo Penta changes the part
number when they change either the vendor or redesign the part number.
So part number 873195-2 has been changed to 873195.  Exactly the same part.
The dash-numbers are never used anymore, but if you have them, include them
for me as if the part number is a very old number or an unusual rare part number,
the dash-numbers can sometime help me find it.
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