DP-S Sleeve between Upper/Lower Drive Question

2015-03-05 17:22
I will send you another schematic showing the sleeve between the upper and the lower drive, but
you should take a hold of the UV joint (at the top of the drive and the joint that is flopping down
in the attached picture) and turn it.
If the drive is in gear the lower prop shaft should turn.  You can shift it manually and see if the
shaft turns.
If the prop shaft doesn't turn all no matter which way you have the shift set when you turn the
upper UV joint (and the UV joint turns freely with no grinding noise), then it is possible that the
little sleeve between the upper and the lower has broken.  The sleeve is designed to break if
there is too much strain on the prop shaft.  Sometimes the sleeve won't break until days after
the actual strike (or a rope around the prop for example). 
You should also drain a little fluid into a clear jar to see if there is any metal in the fluid.  Sometimes
you can see the metal while other times if you put a little oil between your fingers you can feel it.
Also smell the fluid and see if smells burnt.
Just an aside, when you fill these drives, you MUST fill them from the bottom and not from the top.  If
you fill it from the top you are likely to get air pockets in the drive which will cause nasty issues.
Hope this helps.

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