Discontinued Volvo XDP Question

2015-03-05 16:54

As you probably know these XDP have been discontinued by Volvo  Penta.

However, I have two almost brand new drives.  These were on a new boat that the customer made enough fuss with his boat builder that they agreed to replace them with the new Ocean series replacement program after about a week or so of actual use.    They look brand new and we have pressure tested them and examined them.

This drive would come with a six month warranty from us (Volvo Penta no longer warranties these drives).

On our web site there is a discussion of the new program and some of the problems that some people have had with the XDP.

If you haven't had any trouble with these (many haven't) then it makes sense to just replace it.

Thank you and please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information or would like to place an

J.D. Neeson

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