Merc Scan Tool Question

2015-03-03 19:49

I received the Rinda Merc Scan Tool that I purchased from you a couple weeks ago.  I just tried the "PCM Function - Induced Misfire Test" and it appears the Scan Tool is defective.  The misfire test worked perfectly for cylinders
1 and 2, but does not work at all for cylinders 3 thru 8.  The Scan Tool appears to reset and then displays "Selected hardware is not supported by ECM".  I retried the test 4 times, and got the same results.

It is not possible that my ECM doesn't support this.  Here are the specifics of my engine and ECM:

2003 Merc 5.0L MPI
Engine S/N:  0M683624
Model: 4M4102LRS
ECM P/N: 864271-005

Please provide a RMA and pre-paid shipping instructions for a replacement with a good unit.



Here is a brief explanation of what is going on:

Your unit is fine. Your engine is equipped with a "bank fired" FI system with only two injector drivers in the ECM which drives 4 injectors each. This test isn't meant with these earlier FI systems. Newer engines which run "full sequential" FI system with 8 fuel injector drivers (1 per injectors) can use this test because it isolates each injector and measures engine RPM on each cylinder when each injector is isolated during the test. This cannot be done on the Bank fired system (ECM) on your 5.0L MPI. This is why you are having a hardware code on the Scan tool on this particular test.

Hope this helps. If you still have more questions let us know.


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