Volvo Penta

Sometimes there is a dash and a number on your part or in your book. Do not use dashes or any numbers after the dash.

Mercruiser and Mercury

If there is a "class" number (first column in the schematics) enter that number, then a dash to make the whole number work.

Example: 32-858620A12.

Try removing all spaces from numbers. If there is another part number in the description, see if that number works. We do not have RPL in all the Mercruiser descriptions for superseding parts yet. If you see a @3 or @10 or any other number with an @ sign in the description, that is an internal code for Mercury, meaning dealers have to order the part by that quantity. You, however, only get ONE when you order.

Cummins Diesel / Mercruiser Diesel

Send us your model number, serial number and spec or build list numbers if you have them. We can then send you a detailed set of parts diagrams to order from. Click here to send us e-mail. (Be sure to mention what part you are looking for as well!)

Pleasurecraft (PCM)

Often start with R0, RK, RA, RP or other two-digit letter codes starting with R.

Borg Warner

Try removing all dashes


See this cross-reference of Volvo Penta part numbers for the same parts but with a different part number.



Be sure to have your serial number and build list when calling us to find part numbers.


Many Sierra parts start with "18-", so try that first. Also some part numbers that fall into cabling or electrical categories start with a two-digit letter code. For example, FS for fuses, BC for battery cables, BT for battery terminals, CB for circuit breakers, RK for rockers and TG for toggle switches.

Universal / Westerbeke

Check this list of parts to see if your part number has superceded.


Call us if you have questions.

In general, please note:

Your part number may have changed, even it if is relatively new. "RPL" in the description means that it has been replaced by the number that appears after RPL.

Adding or removing any dashes "-" may change your search results.

If your part has a $0.00 price, we have left it in the database on purpose, so that you know it was a part, but is no longer valid. Naturally, these parts are not free... some have new part numbers, some we may have to find for you at a "discontinued" rate. These are parts that are "expired or blocked" for us at the manufacturer. We have a substantial inventory of expired parts and can usually find such parts. However, as you would expect, they are often more expensive than they were originally.

Volvo Penta Spark plugs come individually or in packages of 4, 6 or 24, (see this guide)

If you need a marine engine part that is from a different manufacturer, please call us and let us know.

We are working on adding other manufacturers to this list. Our sales team finds parts daily from other manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Detroit, Twin Disc, Chrysler, Ford Lehman, Isuzu, and many others.

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