Save money if you can wait! For every dealer in the industry, it is more expensive to purchase components of an engine/drive package separately than it is to purchase a complete engine and outdrive package. Marine Parts Express purchases Mercruiser engine packages year-round and splits up the packages into individual items so we can pass these savings on to you. Each engine package comes with a transom shield kit and sterndrive of your choice in a ratio you specify. We offer pricing and delivery options you will love and we will give you an additonal discount if you can plan ahead (usually about 4 to 6 weeks). You will need to purchase instruments, fresh water cooling and a shift/throttle control and cables separately. Prices are subject to annual manufacturer price increases and may change without notice.

You must specify a ratio! See our Mercruiser outdrive page for part numbers and ordering information for complete drives, upper units, lower units, and transom shield kits.

Bravo III outdrives come in the following ratios: 1.36, 1.50, 1.65, 1.81, 2.0, 2.20 and 2.43. When ordering a replacement drive only, you must specify whether you want old or new style. New style drives have a slanted upper unit, old style drives (before 2004) are more square. Your transom shield must match the drive: new to new, and old to old.

Want to know the benefits of buying a Mercruiser over a Volvo Penta? See what Mercury Marine has to say.

Here are some typical examples of our low prices. Call us for your particular Mercruiser needs. (877) 621-2628.

Four-to-six week delivery time (please call for stock and availability):

Engine / Drive Package


Horse Power

Package Price

Engine Only

Transom Shield & Pump
(add $235 for Bravo III)

Gas - Carbureted

The 3.0 engine: durable, low maintenance, and an ideal propulsion choice for runabouts up to 19 feet.
3.0 L Engine, Alpha One Gen II 1 Year 135 $10,521.00 $5,233.20 $2,820
4.3 L Engine, Alpha One Gen II 1 Year 190 $13,155.80 $7,868.00 $2,820

Gas - Fuel Injected

This engine is a V6 versatile platform that's a great fit for everything from runabouts to pontoons to houseboats. Also available in dual engine configurations.
3.0 L Engine, MPI, Alpha One Gen II 1 Year 220 $11,979.80 $6,690.60 $2,820
4.3 L Engine, MPI, Alpha One Gen II 1 Year 220 $14,701.40 $9,413.60 $2,820
4.3 L Engine, MPI, Bravo 1 Year 220 $19,175.80 $9,413.60 $2,820
4.3 L MPI Seacore, Bravo 3 3 Year 220 $22,307.60 $11,145.40 $2,820
5.0 L Engine MPI, Alpha One Gen II 1 Year 260 $16,223.20 $10,935.40 $2,820
5.0 L Engine MPI, Bravo 1 Year 260 $20,697.60 $10,935.40 $2,820
5.0 L Engine, MPI, Seacore, Bravo * 3 Year 260 $23,830.80 $12,667.20 $2,820
Dependable and versatile, MerCruiser small block engines are ideal for runabouts and cruisers, delivering rock-solid performance and allowing you to enjoy the activities you want to, when you want to.
350 MAG, MPI, Alpha One Gen II 1 Year 300 $18,569.60 $13,042.40 $2,820
350 MAG, MPI, Bravo I 1 Year 300 $23,044.00 $13,042.40 $2,820
350 MAG MPI Engine SeaCore Bravo 3 3 Year 300


$14,775.60 $2,820
377 MAG Bravo I 1 Year 320 $24,645.60 $14,465.40 $2,820
377 MAG SeaCore Bravo * 3 Year 320 $27,540.80 $16,377.20 $2,820
MerCruiser 8.2 L big block engines deliver industry-leading reliability, performance and ease of ownership.
8.2 MAG Bravo 1 Year 380 $29,835.40 $17,525.20 $2,820
8.2 MAG SeaCore Bravo * 3 Year 430 $34,106.80 $19,257.00 $2,820
8.2 MAG HO Bravo 1 Year 380 $32,736.20 $20,426.00 $2,820
8.2 MAG HO SeaCore Bravo * 3 Year 430 $37,007.60 $22,157.80 $2,820

*SeaCore offers unmatched corrosion protection thanks to industrial hardcoat anodizing, stainless steel components, exclusive low-copper alloy and other advances.

Pricing Notes

Specifications and prices are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Please call us for exact package pricing.
Power steering is now standard on all engines.
Smartcraft DTS (Digital Throttle Shift) for fuel injected engines $860 (not available on Alpha models)
DTS option is required for 8.2 MAG HO bravo without ECT (Environmental Catalyst Technology).
Fresh water cooling and actuated water drain are standard on all SeaCore, Horizon, and 8.2 models.
SeaCore models also receive a standard four-year limited corrosion warranty.
Both the 8.2 MAG (380 HP) and 8.2 MAG HO (430 HP) require Bravo X drives to be used.
Engines sold after Jan. 1, 2010 require either ECT Catalyst or the old engine being replaced must be returned to Mercury per EPA 1068.240

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