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71C/72C Series

The 71C and 72C refer to the input horsepower ranges. The 72C is available as either a Direct Drive or Reduction. The 71C is only available as a Direct Drive. Reversible pumps are available for both the 71C and the 72C.

ImageDescriptionRatio Manual Part Number
71C Transmission1:1 Service Manual 10-17-004
72C Transmission1:1 Service Manual 10-18-002
72C Transmission 1.88:1 Service Manual 10-18-106
72C Transmission 2.91:1 Service Manual 10-18-012
72C Transmission 2.57:1 Service Manual 10-18-010
72C Transmission 1.52:1 Service Manual 10-18-004
72C Stern Drive1:1 Service Manual 10-18-014

Liberty Series

The Liberty Series transmissions are available in either electric shift or manual shift.

ImageDescriptionRatio Manual Part Number
72L Transmission1:1 Service Manual 30-07-M02
LIBERTY SERIES V-DRIVE2.5:1 Service Manual 30-02-005
LIBERTY SERIES V-DRIVE1:1 Service Manual 30-01-001
LIBERTY SERIES V-DRIVE2.8:1 Service Manual 30-01-006
LIBERTY SERIES V-DRIVE2.5:1 Service Manual 30-01-005
LIBERTY SERIES V-DRIVE2.1:1 Service Manual 30-01-004
LIBERTY SERIES V-DRIVE1.25:1 Service Manual 30-01-002

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