Why Do You Keep Expired or Replaced Parts Listed on Your Website?

2015-03-10 15:34


If the part was still available as a new part, I would have sent it off to you. But this is a discontinued part from Mercruiser.   Mercruiser strongly recommends you replace the whole gear and clutch assembly.  If your drive is still under warranty (it probably isn't anyway) if you use the older clutch, it will void the warranty as Mercruiser wants you to replace it. I will put the part on a two week hold in case you can't find another source for the part at the original price. This is just a very rare part that I had to pay more for than originally.  The amount of profit I am making is almost exactly the same as I would have made if I had the part at the old original price.




Ok I am still very confused as to why your website is still offering the part as being available at a cost of $224.35. I cannot understand how you advertise like this, and then want to charge more. How much will the final price be including shipping to South Africa on a 3 to 5 business days. I await your reply.



Hello Sir:

On the issue of keeping the old part numbers on the web site we have had many discussions on this issue.  On one hand we don't like to mis-lead people that we have parts when we don’t have them (or at the original low price), but on the other if we don't keep the part numbers on the site then when people try to find their old part number it won't come up as it is not on the system and they won't know that the part has superseded or expired (often a part will supersede into multiple parts or multiple different parts depending on the engine).

And on the other hand (third hand, I know), we often have the older rarer parts in our stock (or have had them recently) or can find them at reasonable prices.  Again it is difficult to express all these options on the system as there are so many variables.

So the policy we have established is the follows:
1)  We keep all the older part numbers on the site so people can find them and attempt to keep up with all the supercessions (there are hundreds of them every couple of weeks).
2)  If we have the original part number and have paid the original cost for it, we charge the original retail price or perhaps a little less.

3)  If we have purchased the original part number from somewhere we use our actual purchase price plus our standard mark up.

I hope this explain what happened in your case.  And I made another couple of calls to dealers and parts misers, and was unable to find anyone who had one of these on their shelves.

And finally, please remember that Mercruiser would recommend that you should change out the entire gear set.  I think they are being overly cautious on this issue, but they may know something that they are not telling.  But when you consider that this clutch has been used for years without any big public issues, it seems likely that this is a reasonable  chance to take.



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