Cummins 4-sheave Pulley Question

2015-03-10 15:36

I am sorry, but the Cummins engine did not originally come with this 4 sheave pulley.  It was probably added by the boat builder.  If  you can look on it and  find a number I can see if it is a Cummins number. But it is probably an aftermarket version.  If you  send me some pictures and measurements I can probably find you one that would fit. If you are adding this on yourself then you probably will have to fabricate this yourself.


Thank you vey much.
 A friend in Maine got the pulley for me . 


That is great. Do you know where your buddy got it and what part number it  was?  I could not find  one that was very  close at all and would love to know where to go if someone  else needs it.

 Here is the part numbers: Adapter 4947627 and Pulley 3906717


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