Borg Warner Gear Question

2015-03-10 15:26

My guys took your B/W gear down to the shop and tested it. They report that there seems to be some warping in the clutch plates that causes some drag (resistance) to the gear when shifted into reverse.  It also seems to hesitate a little when put into gear which also hints at partially burnt (or rather smoothed clutch plates).

But what is more worrisome is that the pressure is about 35 pounds off what it should be.  This could be a bad pump.

So I can only offer you $650 for the gear as I will probably have to put about $2,000 worth of parts and labor into it.  If this is OK let me know and I will re-imburse your card or send you a check.

One other thing, Dave noted that it looked like you might have taken off the top fitting from the new 2.1 that we sent you and put it on the bottom of the 1.91 gear you returned and presumably put the 1.91:1 fitting 
from the returned gear on to the bottom of 2.1.

But you need to be careful on this.  The 2.1 must have the return line go to the top of the reduction housing.  This is because the cooled oil has to go into the top to "splash" lubricate the insides and most importantly to lubricate the planetary.

On the 1.91 the return line returns to the bottom of the main case.

You can't switch these for if  you do have the return oil going to the bottom of the 2.1 instead of the top of the reduction housing you will burn out the 2.1 gear.

Incidentally, the 1.91:1 gear you returned was set up for a counter-rotating engine (the flywheel was turning clockwise).  You can change the input rotation of the 1.91:1 by recalibrating the pump (i.e. turn the pump), but
you can not change the input direction of the 2.1 gear.  The 2.1 gear that you received from us is expecting a standard rotation engine (ie the flywheel turns counter clockwise).


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