Verado Model Question

2015-03-16 21:54

If you give me your Verado mode; (it looks like this is what it is) and the serial number (if you have it), I can confirm these are the correct parts.

It looks like perhaps the other quote you received may have done the old trick of putting extra numbers or leaving out numbers in the part numbers.  Some places to this so you have to go with them to get the parts.  Others times it is just an error.

In this case on the spark plug number it looks like you were missing the first "8" and the "12" was added.  The part number is 33-889246Q39

On the Thermostat housing you were missing the "4".  The number is 892864T04.

And on the zinc there was an extra "CM" and the "5" should have been a "Q" so the correct number is 826134Q.  Incidentally these are the side anodes that are squarish.  I show you need two of these.

I also included the other anode 76214T5 which is the steering fin like anode. You should probably replace both of them.

J. D. Neeson

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