Sterndrive Conversion Kits

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Volvo Penta Sterndrive Conversion Kits

Yes, we can do that.

Convert a Volvo Penta 280 or 290 to a Duoprop
Convert a Volvo Penta SX to a DP
Convert an OMC Cobra to a Volvo SX

or Convert a King Cobra to a Volvo SX

OMC Cobra to SX Drive Conversion:


See Volvo Penta's brochure on this easy option for Cobra to SX retrofit!

1) Order 3857377, this is the transom shield kit and you need it no matter what engine you have.

2) Add a seawater pump kit according to the following table:
(The Cobra Outdrive had a seawater pump built-in)


3.0 liter engine Use 3857386
4.3 liter engine Use 3857380
5.0 or 5.7 liter engine Use 3857384
5.0F or 5.8F liter engine Use 3857382

3) Choose an outdrive using the ratio you need according to the following table:
There are no core charges on this drive because it is a new purchase, however, we do pay $200 for old outdrives and we will pay for the shipping well (continental US only).

1.43:1 Use 3869340 (5.7L GM)
1.51:1 Use 3869339 (5.0L Ford, 260 HP)
1.60:1 Use 3869338 (5.0L Ford, 240 HP)

Use 3869337 (5.0L Ford, 220 HP)

1.79:1 Use 3869336
1.89:1 Use 3869335
1.97:1 Use 3869334 (4.3L GM 150 HP)

Use 3869333 (3.0L GM 135 HP)

4) Choose a propeller from the following table or call us to discuss your propping needs:

Stainless Steel
Rotates Left
Rotates Right
Rotates Left
Rotates Right
14.25 X 21
14.25 X 23
14.5 X 19
15 X 15
15 X 16
15 X 17
15.5 X 12

SX to Duoprop (DP-S) Conversion:

To convert a SX single prop to DP-S Duoprop. Choose a conversion kit and be sure to look at the associated core charge. All core charges are mandated by Volvo Penta of the Americas and will be promptly refunded upon receipt of your old lower gear. Note: these kits will not work on SX-S drives.
Engine Volvo Penta Factory Remanufactured
Conversion Kit
Core Charge
(for reman only)
New Conversion Kit
4.3L (2.30:1 Ratio) 3803268 3806268 3855909
5.0L, 5.7L, and 5.8L (1.95:1 Ratio) 3803267 3806267 3860765
7.4L (1.78:1 Ratio)


3806266 3855907

Each kit contains the following items: Intermediate Shaft, Bearing Retainer, Quad Ring, SX-C1, 2 0-Rings, Water Pickup Tube Grommet, Water Pickup Tube, Tube Retainer, Seal, Anode (w/ screws and washers) and the entire lower gear assembly.

Volvo Penta 280 or 290 to a Duoprop

The Duoprop conversion exchange program is available for the following engines:
(Note, you cannot make this conversion if you only have a 4-cylinder engine, there is not enough torque.)

Gas Engines: AQ175, AQ205, AQ430, AQ431, AQ432, AQ434, AQ200, AQ225, AQ260, AQ211, AQ231, AQ271, AQ500, AQ570, AQ572.

Diesel Engines: AQD40A, AQD40B, AQAD40A, AQAD40B, AQAD31, AQD41, AQAD41.


Choose your ratio (there is no core charge on this conversion) then choose a duoprop:

Ratio Part Number Duoprop
1.95:1 872885 Both use Type D Aluminum or Type F Stainless Duoprops
2.30:1 872886


New and remanufactured Volvo outdrive units (including upper and lower assemblies) are available from Marine Parts Express now at a considerable discount.

Please call us for any pricing or questions. (877) 621-2628